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This journal has announcements about my upcoming novels and stories and the occasional brain-drabble.
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This is a cool thing

John Scalzi posted my gamma rabbit rendition on Whatever.

The money his idea has raised for worthy causes (50K!) makes me very happy. :) That's going to go a long way in the service of humans-being-good-to-humans. Oh, and here's my gamma rabbit in the window of a bookstore in Toronto!

:) Hope you all are doing well, or as well as possible. It's a difficult time of year, so hang in there. *hugs*

review "The Following"

I would have enjoyed this show more if it contained a plot I could suspend disbelief for. I'm a big fan of James Purefoy, so I've been looking forward to this show for months. Read more...Collapse )

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

New post by moi: http://malitterae.livejournal.com/20724.html

Everyone who still reads me here, love you all. <3 Just sayin'.

Lengthen night and shorten day

New post on my rss feed, reposted here. :)

<3 to everyone!

Sorry about that

I don't know why Twitter decided to just start shipping my tweets again. Sorry about the spam grrrr *kicks twitter*

The King of Rshan, being an ass

Kings behaving badly.  on Twitpic

Okay, maybe he's not behaving badly. Maybe there is some *koff koff* validity to his complaint. I'm working on making him happy. <3

New Novella

Sitting here waiting for hubby to come home from getting routine blood tests and take me to Waffle House. Waffle House, where hash browns are an art form. XD

Anyway! I've been busy all over the web the past few weeks. Did a blog tour for "Circuit Theory" with Reya Starck which came out on Monday. SORRY for not talking it up more over here. The number of articles I had to do for the tour really slayed me and then I happen to completing a BRAND NEW 30kish novella this week for submission to Riptide and and and... I've been busy. >.<

Some linkies. Go see what I've been up to.

http://kirbycrow.tumblr.com/ (you can find some sexy snippets of my novella "Male City" here, although if I don't stop writing the effing thing it's gonna hit 50k)

Interview at Amara's Place

"Game Worlds as Inspiration" at BitchFactor10

"Your Gender is Not Analog" at Top2Bottom Reviews

"Lover in a Box: Avatar Romance in Virtual Reality" at Guys Like Romance, Too!

"Plausible Reality" at MANtastic Fiction

"Ghost Men and Virtual Lovers" at Smart Girls Love SciFi

Beyond that I've been playing with getting to know Tumblr's dashboard, Tweeting, writing, more writing, playing my Xbox, avoiding the dishes, and falling asleep on the couch. XD

Pick up a copy of "Circuit Theory" over at Riptide if you've a mind to, and keep watching. I have a LOT of fiction coming out soon!

"It takes many, many atrocities to kindle the fury of our ever unmoving mother earth. I commend you on having crossed even that line. Now pay for it."

This has been my "keep this on repeat until my ears cry" writing music for the past month. Hey, whatever works, right?

Revoking Twitter access to LJ

Because I think it may get annoying for you folks to be treated to a bunch of retweets and one-liners sans context from me. Instead, I think I'll just make an effort to post more often.

I've been writing A LOT lately. Signed a new contract. Plan to sign another one next week (if I can ever get this edit done) and there's still more in the future. Summer has shifted from being a time when I never leave my desk to a time of frenetic activity, indoors and outdoors, both mental and physical. My asthma was worse in the past. Now that it's better (knock on wood) I can no longer get out of doing stuff! Bummer! XD

Hey, I'll take work over asthma any day. There's a thousand things I'll take over asthma, including wrestling with alligators and dodging catapults. I'll choose just about anything over asthma.

So anyway... Happy 4th! :)

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