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About me

Gender: Female
Location: USA

I worked as an entertainment editor and ghostwriter for several years before happily giving it up to write my own novels. I read obsessively, but I rarely find time to write the authors and tell them how much I appreciate their work. I grow green tea bushes and work in my kitchen a lot. I listen to music from almost every genre and era and I have a massive collection of it. I'm an artist and an amateur farmer/chef/canner, and herder of cats. I play computer games (a lot), dabble in 3d modeling and mesh, and I code PennMUSH games. I'm a Photoshop maniac and digital artist. I can't sew worth a damn but I can build a computer from the case up. I'm crazy about SciFi films, Lord of the Rings, Dune, gay romance novels and writing.

Changing weather patterns, watering bans, and pesticides have unhappily forced me to give up growing roses, alas. Camellias are hardier and need less attention. They're everything roses are not, but without the wonderful scent. You get out what you put in, I guess.

The rss feed of my Wordpress blog is here.

I'm a winner of the 2010 Epic Awards and I've won 2 Rainbow Awards for my published works in gay fiction. My published novels are:

Prisoner of the Raven (historical romance, Torquere Press, 2005)
Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Pedlar and the Bandit King (New Adult, fantasy Torquere Press, 2006)
Scarlet and the White Wolf: Mariner's Luck (New Adult, fantasy, Torquere Press, 2006)
Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Land of Night (New Adult, fantasy, Torquere Press, 2007)
Angels of the Deep (paranormal, horror, MLR Press, 2009)

Novella: Circuit Theory (scifi, Riptide, 2012)

Coming Soon:
Hammer and Bone (a dark anthology of mixed genre: paranormal,steampunk, fantasy, scifi, 2013)
Malachite (New Adult fantasy, 2013)
Scarlet and the White Wolf 4 (New Adult fantasy, 2013)

All of my novels are available in either paperback or digital ebook from the publishers, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and all online book retailers worldwide.

For current news of my future novels, visit

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